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My Story

Do you have kids or pets? Worried what your house smells like to guests?

I can help solve this problem!

When I was first introduced to Scentsy in March 2010, I had 5 rescued English Mastiffs in our home with 2 macaws and foster dogs coming in and out. I was always embarrassed when friends would come over, worried what my house smelled like. I loved the scent of candles but worried about an OPEN flame in my house. I wanted my home to smell clean and fresh without using flames or constantly cleaning. Scentsy solved that problem for me and signing up to be a consultant was an easy decision. Fast forward 13 YEARS and I love the product even more today. I KNOW my house always smells amazing.

A clean house is just one of many unexpected blessings Scentsy has brought into my life. Being able to help my team create their Scentsy story is my passion. I love working with others to help solve their problems whether it is financial, friendships, freedom or just a clean smelling home.

I look forward to helping you create your Scentsy story, be it as a customer or team member!

Email, text or call me: -  
(817) 988-8539
Have a great day!



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